Pool Table Installations

Pool Table Installations in Minneapolis

Looking for a team of specialists that carry out pool table installations on a regular basis? Look no further! We can get your pool table setup, accurately level, and the cloth installed on it. Moreover, all of our billiard table services including our professional pool table moves are accompanied by an exclusive 12-month service guarantee backed by the American Billiard Installers Association.

Best pool table installations service guaranteed!

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We warrant the installation of your pool table to hold its level for a whole year!

Our skilled pool table installers here at SOLO® Billiard Table Movers have the expertise and use the right tools to ensure service of the highest quality for optimum performance.

Accurate leveling is of the utmost importance in order to achieve the best playing experience. Keep in mind that, even a high-end pool table will perform poorly if not properly put together.

We know for a fact that correct leveling or the lack thereof makes the difference. For this reason, we guarantee a perfectly flat surface for an entire year.

Your pool table setup should be handled by qualified installers, here is why?

Pool table installation is a technical and intricate process. With this in mind, you must always use a trained pool table installer to take care of it. We know that our vast experience coupled with the backing of our written guarantee is the most compelling evidence that we are your best option to take care of your pool table setup.

On a side note, many people don’t know that the best time to refelt the pool table is during installation so if you are considering moving or buying a pool table, check your options for new cloth when we install the pool table for you.

The process for a great pool table setup cannot be skipped

During extensive leveling our technicians precisely set, shim, wedge, and level the slates using sensitive leveling equipment to make sure your pool table installation is done with the highest quality for optimum performance.

You’re also covered by our exclusive service guarantee issued by the only organization in our industry, the ABIA.

If you need us to bring the pool table upstairs, there may be an additional cost. 1 pc. slates we cannot guarantee we will move but check for possibilities depending on the situation.

We will also pick up the pool table from a storage facility or your on-site storage before we do the actual pool table installation for you.  It is very important that you consider the different pool table sizes out there to find out whether it fits properly in your game room. Just let us know the details of your job.

Pricing your pool table assembly

The pricing for your billiard table assembly will depend upon the following particulars and circumstances surrounding the job.

  • is your table in the room already?
  • if it is not in the room, where do we have to move it from?
  • Is the pool table in pieces or still assembled?
  • What’s the size of this table?
  • The number of slates
  • The Brand or manufacturer
  • Are there stairs to deal with?
  • Is your table an antique or modern type?
  • What type of pockets does it have?
  • Do you want or need to replace the existing cloth during installation?

Wondering about replacing the felt during your pool table assembly?

Provided that, many people don’t know this, but taking care of your pool table refelting during assembly is the optimal service to get the most out of your table.

The reason for this is that assembling a pool table involves the refelting of it to a certain extent. The same applies when recovering a table since it involves the last steps in achieving a prime pool table assembly.

Given these points, most customers choose to take care of both services at the same time. Another key point to take into consideration is that since the pool table is in pieces, we can make a thorough inspection of all the inner pieces of your table and help you avoid major repairs.

Additionally, not only is our workmanship backed in writing by the ABIA but also the cloth we provide to refelt your table is protected against rips, tears, or manufacturers’ defects for an entire year. It is important to realize that you will not find a company in the area that offers this service guarantee.

Taking all these points into consideration, you can see why most customers decide to recover with new felt during the assembly of their billiard table.

We guarantee precise level pool table installations coupled with impeccable refelting. As a result, not only do you get an optimum playing experience but also you give your table a new look.

The ABIA guarantees all of our pool table installations for leveling and quality on all applicable pool tables for an entire year after service.

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