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Pool Table Moves in Minneapolis

We have decades of experience moving pool tables. This has allowed us to build a solid reputation with our customers.

Minneapolis SOLO® Pool Table Movers have decades of experience moving pool tables. We move from home to home, business to business, or garage to garage for storage.

We take care of complete moves, tear down only, installations, and refelting services.

Simply give us a call to get your free quote and schedule your pool table move or any other billiard table repair.

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Professional pool table moves from start to finish

Pool Table Moves in Minneapolis

Pool table moves with our nationally backed company are easier than ever, accompanied by a guarantee of our service.

Give us a call to get your free quote and schedule your move!

Be aware of the risks involved when hiring an inexperienced technician. To put it differently, the cost of a low-priced service is often very high.

It is always a good idea to have experts come and tear down your pool table, move it and most importantly, take care of your billiard table assembly the way right and proper way.

We have carried out countless pool table moves and we are covered under an exclusive guarantee from a national organization. Additionally, we protect your pool table and property with liability insurance. This gives you the peace of mind that our competitors can’t give you.

Members of the American Billiard Installers Association, we are a recognized business in our industry.

Pool table moves with our nationally backed company are a breeze!

What’s involved in the pool table moving?

Pool table moves in Minneapolis backed by a written guarantee

It is important to realize that we only use the right tools and proper techniques to level your pool table after moving it.

We take pride in being the only company in the area that warrants the perfect leveling of your pool table for 12 consecutive months after.

SOLO® Pool Table Installers use precise leveling equipment and proficient techniques to deliver a smooth move, installation, and accurate leveling.

We are residential and business pool table movers. Pool table moves in businesses may incur extra charges in the event we encounter complicated moves with elevators or have parking issues for your job.

Expert pool table repair services!

Let us take care of your pool table to repair it the right way. In this situation, you have to take into account the fact that pool tables are sturdy yet elegant pieces of furniture.

Billiard tables may last for over 100 years if properly cared for and repaired when necessary. Moving your pool table and any pool table repair are specialty services that need to be taken care of by specialists.

Given these points, we know that the SOLO® Pool table Movers of Minneapolis is your best option! In fact, we offer a guarantee in writing that holds us accountable in case any issues arise. Therefore if any issues related to our workmanship arise within 12 months after we have completed your service.

Rest assured our professional pool table installers will return and fix the aforementioned issues and/or replace any materials provided as specified in our written guarantee.

If you have purchased a used billiard table, it is important to note that. One if not the most requested pool table repair, unquestionably your pool table refelting in new cloth. Moreover, you should also consider checking the cushion rubber, pockets, or any other details that may need to be fixed.

Pricing your pool table repair

Pool Table Repair and Moves in Minneapolis

The pricing is based on the particulars of the table and circumstances surrounding the job and also if we need to provide materials.

Our pool table movers need to know so that we can give you an accurate quote and check on availability. We also need your game room dimensions and if there are any other furniture pieces in the room.

We can help you verify if the pool table you are interested in fits properly in your game room.

If you want to know which pool table size best fits your room, we have a pool table sizes guide that we recommend you to check.

Another key factor to take into account is that we may charge extra for stairs if we are moving your table up or down any stairs, dealing with any sharp turns. Also consider the fact that in some cases, we will not move 1pc. slate tables.

The risks involved in possible damage or injury can be high. Let SOLO® Minneapolis Pool Table Movers take care of all your pool table needs.

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